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Are you among the many Phoenix area patients dealing with the discomfort of missing teeth? Whether it’s impairing your ability to smile freely or your freedom to eat your favorite foods, Dr. Le can help you improve the quality of your life with dental implants!

Dental Implants are one of the most widely used treatments for repairing and restoring smiles affected by missing teeth. Why? With dental implants, patients consistently experience results that most match their natural smiles and help them resume daily activities without the hindrance that dentures and temporary bridges can cause.


Missing teeth and wondering if dental implants can help?

A dental implant is a small surgical fixture that is placed into the jawbone. Once the implant and your jawbone bond together, the implant becomes a study base to support one or more artificial teeth. The artificial teeth attached to the implant are called crowns. At Ahwatukee Dentistry, we take a unique approach to dental implants. As is the case with all treatments provided, we take great pride in offering the latest technology and most biologically safe methods when providing dental implant treatment.

We believe in patient focused customized care for the families of Phoenix. Each dental implant treatment will start with a consultation to help us determine your overall oral health and allow you to feel comfortable and confident in the procedures to follow.

During this consultation, Dr. Le will assess your medical and dental history, and the current health of your teeth and jawbone. We understand how busy our Ahwatukee families can be and often, the length of treatment time is a concern. While total treatment time depends on your needs, we want to work with you to ensure that you feel comfortable and informed with your specific treatment plan.


How you will benefit from Dental Implants?

Regardless of how a tooth is lost, once it’s out of place, the whole mouth is affected. Beyond the aesthetic impact of losing a tooth, your body will try to make adjustments for the change. This can lead to neighboring teeth beginning to shift to try to fill the gap as well as a weakening of the jawbone in the area left vacant by your tooth.

Dental implants will help to strengthen your jawbone and provide your remaining teeth with the stability they need to stay strong. For Ahwatukee patients looking to replace front teeth with dental implants, a great benefit will be the regained confidence you will achieve as your smile is improved. Missing back teeth may go unnoticed by family and friends but they can impact how and what you eat. Dental implants act like your natural teeth giving you control over your diet and allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods with ease!


Experience the Difference that Dr. Le creates for the Phoenix & Ahwatukee Community.

Dr. Le and her team are ready to help you improve your smile using dental implants. We are proud to provide the most nervous of dental patients from the Phoenix area with the highest quality dental care. Dental implants can improve your smile and our overall oral health.

Don’t delay in improving your smile with dental implants at Ahwatukee Dentistry! Call today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Le. Your new smile awaits.


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