How to Choose an Implant Dentist

dental implants

Dental implants are one of the most revolutionary dental treatments of the last few decades. A solution to teeth that are missing or require extraction due to extensive trauma or decay, dental implants are both functional and attractive, and can restore or transform every type of smile.

Teeth are regularly cited as an important feature when it comes to gauging our attractiveness, health, and happiness. People who have beautiful teeth are believed to be among the most successful in their personal and professional lives, while being less than happy with our teeth can have a hugely detrimental effect on our confidence and self-esteem.

The good news is that dental implants are more affordable and more widely available than ever before. However, there are now more professionals offering dental implant services than ever before, which have sprung up to meet the growing demand. With so many available across the United States, you may be confused on how to figure out how to choose an implant dentist.

Why It Is Important to Do Your Research

Any dentist with a dental degree can legally place an implant, but just because someone can offer a dental implant service, doesn’t mean that they have the right training and experience to do a great job with your new smile.

Getting dental implants is an invasive surgical procedure, and so it is essential to make sure that it is done properly the first time. Implant failures at a surgical level could put your health at risk and prevent you from being able to have dental implants in the future. If you pick a sub-standard implant dentist, even if your implants are inserted, you may not be thrilled with the final result.

To help you ensure that you get the best dental implant service that you can, we have put together a list of the following questions and considerations that you should make.

What Education and Training Does Your Implant Dentist Have?

Unfortunately, many dentists now offering a dental implant service have opted to take courses in the procedure that last just one or two days. This is nowhere near long enough to cover the basics, let alone provide the professional with comprehensive knowledge and skill. Always check to make sure that your chosen implant dentist has proper education, training, and the credentials to be able to deliver a first-class service. If anything sounds questionable, follow it up carefully and don’t book until you are certain you are in safe hands.

Is Your Implant Dentist Board-certified?

While any dentist with a diploma can place an implant, only a specialist with a relevant diploma has undergone additional surgical training. For example, a periodontal specialist, who may offer dental implant services, has undertaken two or three years of residency training in addition to four years of dental school. As well as specializing, an implant dentist can opt to become board-certified.

To become board-certified, a dentist must undergo rigorous testing to show that they have achieved the highest possible level of competence in implant dentistry. This includes an in-depth level of knowledge and a proficient level of skill and ability.

How Much Experience Does Your Implant Dentist Have?

Although education and training will have been both comprehensive and extensive, there really is no substitute for experience. Not all cases will go ‘by the book’ and only an experienced implant dentist will have the knowledge and skill required in challenging and unusual situations.

You should also consider asking how many implants your chosen dentist places each year. For most reputable implant dentists, placing implants is their primary activity. The more implants that your dentist has placed, the more experience she will have in handling unusual cases.

Are They Committed to Furthering Their Education?

The tools and techniques used in dentistry continue to evolve at a rapid rate, and most of the newer changes are made with the aim of making practices safer and outcomes for the patient better. Any good implant dentist who is interested in providing outstanding quality implant services will invest a reasonable amount of time and effort into continuing their education and training. This may mean attending seminars, courses and workshops which help them to stay up to date with the latest developments in the dental implant field.

Make sure you chose an implant dentist who is as committed to their education as they are to selling you their service.

Does Your Implant Dentist have the Latest Technology?

Technological innovations in dentistry are used to diagnose and treat, but also to ensure that your treatment will be planned and executed with precision accuracy. This is especially important in dental implant surgery as the implant posts are inserted into the jaw bone, an area which cannot be seen properly without the use of 3D CT scan technology.

If your implant dentist hasn’t invested in very recent technology, they probably aren’t committed to delivering you the safest and best quality treatment.

What Implants Does Your Dentist Use?

There are many different brands of dental implants, some of which are the real deal and others which are cheap, low-quality imitations. It is no coincidence that the best brands are the ones which have spent years invested in perfecting the design of their implants. A dentist who will happily use cheap implants will almost certainly be offering a sub-standard service.

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